Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council Curchorem Goa


INFORMATION / Goa Municipalities Act, 1968 / GAZETTE






a. Construction Licence---------------------------------------15 days


Applicant is required to make an application form (format –I) addressed to Chief Officer of Municipal Council along with the following

​​ documents.

1. Development permission under Section 44 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1974 from Town & Country Planning Department Quepem.

2. Three copies of the approved plan from Town & Country Planning Department Quepem along with site/location plan.

3. Property title documents Viz. Deed of Sale etc


4. Latest Survey plan from Survey Dept. Quepem

5. RCC design, calculation if necessary.

6. Three copies of Schedule IV and Schedule II (As per building Bye – laws)

(Annexure I, II and III)

7. Power of Attorney, if any.

8. Indemnity Bond ( for reasons to be stated in writing)

9. Location plan (not to scale)

10. If the proposed building is over 14.2 metres in height, NOC (provisional / final) issued by the Director of Fire & Emergency Services.

11. Certificate from Health Inspector under Goa Health Act & Rules Thereof.

12. Sanad of Conversion (N/A) Under Goa Daman & Diu Land Revenue Code). Fees chargeable for licence and subsequent renewals is worked out based on cost of Construction of buildings as per category of buildings and schedule of fees as per (Annexure –IV)

PERMISSION / LICENCES ISSUED TIME TAKEN (days inclusive of Sundays/ Holidays)

b. Occupancy Certificate------------------------------------- 30 days


1. For the Occupancy Certificate the party should apply to the Chief Officer on a plain paper After completion of building in all respects as per the approved building plan and on Compliance of all the conditions of the licence.

2. After the premises are inspected by the Municipal Engineers and being satisfied about fulfillment of conditions governing the licence,the party will be asked for payment of Renewal fees, if any plus Rs. 500/- towards issue of NOC for water/ electricity connections Plus infra-structure tax @ Rs. 30/- per square metre and house tax assessment is made Depending on the value made by the Valuation Officer.

3. After payment of all the fees the Occupancy Certificate will be issued within 15 days.


PERMISSION / LICENCES ISSUED TIME TAKEN (days inclusive of Sundays/ Holidays)

c. NOCs for Water and Electricity--------------------------- 10 days


In order to obtain water and electric connection the Applicant has to apply to the Chief Officer on prescribed forms (ANNEXURE –V & VI) along with the following documents.

1. House tax receipt for the Current year.

2. Form 1 & IV

3. Survey Plan

4. NOC of the Owner of the Premises or from legal heirs if the owner is dead in case the Premises or house is not on Applicants name.

5. Death certificate of owner if required.

6. An indemnity Bond Affidavit to be submitted in case any disputes are pending in the court And if the title is not clear. The party should produce the attested copies of all documents attested by Competent Authority. Documents at Sr. No. 2, 3, 4 & 5 are not required if already with Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council.

Charges applicable:

1. For NOC of Electricity Connection Rs. 500/-

2. For NOC of Water Connection Rs. 500/-

PERMISSION / LICENCES ISSUED TIME TAKEN (days inclusive of Sundays/ Holidays)

d. Permission for repair of Houses-------------------------- 15 days


The applicant should make an application (format -2) to the chief Officer of Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council on plain paper along with the following documents.

1. Survey Plan and Form 1 & IV.

2. House tax paid receipt of current year.

3. Detailed Plan of the house indicating the proposed repairs.

4. NOC from Landlord in case of occupier/tenant.

5. NOC from legal heirs in case the owner of the house is dead.

6. An Indemnity Bond on Stamp Paper of Rs. 50/- in case there is defect in the title of the

house or there are more than one year.

7. The party should get copies of all the documents attested by Competent Authority. The permission will be valid for the period of 1 year. The permission will be issued on payment of fees amounting to Rs. 1000/-

PERMISSION / LICENCES ISSUED TIME TAKEN (days inclusive of Sundays/ Holidays)

d. Certified copies of plan/documents (under RTI) -------------------30 days (Maximum)


The applicant should apply on plain paper (Format – 3) to the Chief Officer of Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council.

The certified copies of plan / licence / other documents are issued on the public on payment of The following fees:-

1. Fees for certified copies of plan --------- Rs.150/- per set.

2. Fees for certified copies of licence and other documents -------------- Rs. 5/- per page.

3. Xerox charges as per the number of copies -----------------Rs1/- per page. Processing 

fees under Right to Information Act …. Rs.100/-

The information will be readily available and not later than 30 days.

PERMISSION / LICENCES ISSUED TIME TAKEN (days inclusive of Sundays/ Holidays)

Use of Hearse Van On the Spot.


1. Apply in prescribed Form (Annexure – VII)

2. Tariff will be Rs.100/- for distance up to 20 kilometres and Rs.4/- per kilometre for every Subsequent Kilometre.

3. Services of the Hearse Van will be made available within the jurisdiction of State of Goa Only.


SERVICES OFFERED TIME TAKEN (days inclusive of Sundays/ Holidays)

1. Issue of Birth or Death Certificate ---------------------------Within an hour.

1. Applicant shall give information in respect of Name & date of Birth/Death

2. Applicant has to pay for a search to be made, and extract or a non-availability certificate

As follows.

a) Search a single entry in the first year for which the search is made --------- Rs. 2/-

b) For every additional year for which the search is continued -----------------Rs. 2/-

c) For extract relating to each birth or death --------------------------------------Rs. 5/-

d) For non-availability certificate of birth or death-------------------------------Rs. 2/-

3. Certificate will be issued within an hour.

2. Registration of Birth or Death -----------------------------------Within 2 days.

Every Birth and Death is required to be registered within 20 days of its occurrence along with the Following documents:-

a) Form No. 1 in case of Birth (Annexure – VIII)

b) Form No. 2 in case of death along with Medical Certificate in Form No.4 (Annexure IX & X) 


c) Form No. 4A (Annexure –X-A) duly signed by Medical Practitioner/ Medical Attendant – With Registration No.



In case if Birth and Death is registered after 21 days but not less than 30 days of its occurrence Late fees of Rs. 10/- will be charged extra.

In case if the Birth and death is not registered within 1 month of its occurrence the following Documents are required to be attached:--

a) Birth/ death order from concerned Taluka BDO.

b) Fees of Rs. 20/- is payable as registration fee in such case.


In case the Birth/Death is registered after 1 month but within 1 year the following documents Are required to be attached.

a) Birth/Death order from the Civil Court.

b) The Applicant has to pay Rs. 15/- as fees.

c) The certificates will be issued within 4 days after the Registration. Naming of the Child shall be done by the parents or any person authorized by the parents of the child.


In case the naming of the child is done after 15 days, an order / permission is required to be Produced from the BDO and also fee of Rs.52/- is payable.

3. Correction of name in birth and death Certificate Section 15 of the registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969 is applicable.

4. Cancellation of Birth and Death entry: Section 15 of the registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969 is applicable.

5. Obtaining Negative Certificate ---------------------------------within a week



Apply in the prescribed form (Annexure – XI) along with the following documents.

a. Affidavit executed before Notary/Executive Magistrate.

b. Baptism (Burial certificate/doctor’s certificate) or School leaving Certificate.

c. Affidavit has to pay search charge of Rs. 10/- per year.

Registration of Birth/Death occurred to Indian Citizens resident Outside India under section 20(1) Of RBD Act, 1969.


Apply in the prescribed form enclosing attested copies of the following documents (Annexure –XII)

a) Certificate of Birth / Baptism Certificate. b) Passport c) Attested copies of the Passport of parents.​​

d) Residence Certificate. e) Affidavit ( to the effect that parents have returned to Goa/India to settle down). The fees payable for registration in such cases will be Rs. 10/- or Rs. 15/- as may be applicable.

​​6. Use of Municipal Hall

The applicant should make an application (Format- 4) addressed to the chief Officer a week in Advance requesting for use of Municipal Hall indicating date, time and purpose. Use of Municipal Hall for Commercial activities is strictly prohibited. After scrutiny permission will be granted on merits provided the hall is not already booked and

Requisite charges are paid which are as under:

1. Hire charges during Saturday, Sunday Rs. 800/- for full day.

2. Public Holiday Rs.500/- for half day.

3. Weekdays Rs.250/- for half day Rs.400/- for full day Reason for rejection of permission will be intimated in writing.


7. Use of Parking lot, Municipal Stage & Football Ground at Vodlemol Cacora The applicant should make an application (Format-5) addressed to the chief Officer one week In advance requesting for use of above place only for public meetings indicating date, time And purpose of use along with the NOC from the Mamlatdar of Salcete and Curchorem Town Police Station. Use of Municipal Hall for Commercial exhibitions is strictly prohibited. After scrutiny of the application permission will be granted on merit provided the above place is Not already booked. Reason for rejection of permission will be intimated in writing. At present no fees are charged for use of Football Ground at Vodlemol Cacora.


8. Obtaining Income Certificate------------------------------------- Within a fortnight


a) The applicant has to give an application in the prescribed form (Annexure –XII) along

With the following accompaniments:-

1. Questionnaire (Annexure –XIV)

2. Affidavit on Judicial Stamp paper taking an oath of income of family (dependent

Members) from all sources.

3. Xerox copy of Ration Card.

4. Proof of residence (domicile)

5. Proof of identity (Voters Identity Card, PAN card)

6. Proof of Income (in the case of Government Servant to attach a Salary Certificate) And (in the case of Income Tax payers to attach Income Tax Returns) or Form No. 16.

7. Quote name of the authority to which the certificate of Income will be produced. The chief officer after conducting the local inquiry will issue the Income Certificate.


1. Permissions/ Licence For Exhibiting Advertisement: - ---------- a fortnight

a) Apply in prescribed form (Annexure – XV) along with the following documents.

2. NOC from the owner of the land if the applicant is other than the owner.

3. Location / Site plan

4. Xerox copy of the trade and occupation licence issued by CCMC wherever Necessary.

b) On receipt of the application along with the above documents, the inspection will be Carried out along with the Applicant. After inspection the necessary permission/licence will Be issued or rejected with reasons in writing.

c) The licence / permission is issued for a period of one year, thereafter permission/licence Has to be renewed every year in the month of April. In case the party fails to renew the Permission/licence the same will be cancelled and the EMD will be forfeited.

d) The rates/ fees are as per (ANNEXURE – XVI)


2. Obtaining Trade and Occupation Licence ------------------------- 15 days

a) Apply in the prescribed Form B (ANNEXURE – XVII) by enclosing the following


1. Ownership documents such as Sale Deed/ Society Registration Certificate/ Possession Letter issued By the Builder, 


2. NOC from the owner of premises of Shop/House, Lease Agreement duly signed Before the Public Notary or any other competent authorities i.e. in case the Applicant is other than owner.

3. Copy of the Partnership Deed (attested copy) if the business conducted is Partnership firm.

4. Certificate of Health Officer is required in case if the licence is required for Sweet Mart, Restaurant, Eating house, lodging house/ Boarding, Coffee house, Tea shop, Taverns Bar, Wine, Liquor shop, Cold drink house, Ice sellers and other Establishment serving drink for public, Hair Cutting Saloons, Laundry, Bakery/ Cake house.

5. NOC issued by Fire and Emergency Services in respect of categories mentioned by The Fire Officer i.e. sale of hazardous goods (for details please see copy of the Circular at ANNEXURE – XVIII).

6. Copy of the Occupancy Certificate of the premises.

7. Copy of the approved plan for marking the location of the shop i.e. approved for Commercial purposes, up to-date tax paid details.

8. Copy of the location plan (in case of very old building in which case occupancy Cannot be produced) and tax details.

b) Licence will be issued if the premise is approved for commercial purposes.

c) On receiving the application the Field Staff of the Council will inspect the premises and Submit the report of feasibility or otherwise of trade. Thereafter the application will be Decided by the Chief Officer.

d) After the approval of the Chief Officer the fees will be collected as per the schedule of the Licence fees of the trade and occupation bye-laws 1989


3. Renewal of Trade and Occupation Licence ----------------------------------------2 days

e) Apply for renewal on plain paper addressed to the Chief Officer before expiry of the Respective licence duly enclosing the original licence.

f) Produce previous year’s receipt towards payment of licence fees of all the respective Licence.

g) Produce the renewed copy of the permission issued by Food & Drug Authorities in case if The trade is connected with food articles, and NOC issued by Fire & Emergency Services Duly renewed in case if the trade is connected with sale of hazardous goods.


h) The application will be scrutinized on obtaining inspection Report, if necessary, thereafter The payment will be accepted and receipt will be issued and the original licence will be Returned duly renewed.

4. Transfer of House Tax

i. Apply in prescribed Schedule –II ( ANNEXURE – XX) along with the following documents;

1. In case if Society is formed the party has to produce true copy of the said Registration certificate and NOC from the Society.

2. Party has to produce true copy of the Sale Deed or of the Agreement for Sale and NOC from the builder/owner.

3. In case if transfer is approved the party has to pay Rs. 1000/- towards transfer charges. Additional transfer fees of Rs. 250/- will be applicable for every subsequent transfer.


5. NOC for Pandal/Circus/Temporary Exhibition

i. Apply for licence/NOC on plain paper (Format 6) addressed to the Chief Officer of Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council along with the following documents.

1. NOC from the owner of the premises, land/s duly attested before the competent authorities.

2. Form ‘B’ showing the ownership of the land i.e. Survey document.

3. Survey plan.

4. Plan showing the location of the premises, size of the pandal, parking space, and distance from the road.

5. NOC from the Superintendent of Police (Traffic Cell).

ii. The issue of licence/ NOC will be examined after obtaining the report of the Field Staff on feasibility and decided by the Chief Officer.

​​ The NOC/licence will be issued on collection of fees as per the area of the structure/area occupied.


1. Permission for use of Municipal Property ( Movable)

a. Hire of Night Soil Tanker. ---------------------------------24 hours

i. Apply in prescribed form ( ANNEXURE-XXI)

ii. Deposit advance payment of Rs. 4,000/- and 10 Rs. Per km outside the municipal area by cash per trip for the USE OF Night Soil Tanker in the Curchorem Municipal Jurisdiction.

iii. Beyond Curchorem Municipal jurisdiction tariff will be Rs. 10/- per kilometer for to and fro journey.

iv. Each additional trip will be charged Rs. 4,000/- extra.

v. As per the booking order Night Soil Tanker will be released on the first come first serve basis.


1. Disposal of Dead Animals --------------------------------------------------- 24 hours

The Sanitary Inspector of the Council may be informed. The Sanitary Inspector may be informed about the location of the dead animals, such as stray dogs, cats, pigs etc. In case of dead cows or buffaloes NOC from the Curchorem Town Police for the disposal of the carcass to be obtained and inform the sanitary cell.

2. Garbage Collection:

In case if the garbage dust bin is not cleared which is full and stinking, the Sanitary Inspector of the Municipal Council may be informed of the location, who will ensure that it is cleared as early as possible.







The Chief Officer,

Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council,

Curchorem Goa.

Sub: Proposed Building on plot No. _______________ of Survey No./

____________/ Sub-Div ___________ at

_________________ Goa.


With reference to the above subject, I am submitting herewith the Drawings of my proposed building duly approved by Town Planning Dept. along with forms and ownership documents as given below:






Kindly issue me the construction licence for the same.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,









The Chief Officer,

Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council,

Curchorem Goa.

Sub: Permission for Repairs/ Renovation.


With reference to the subject referred above, I Shri./Smt.

______________________________________ intend to carry out the following repairs/

renovation to the existing house bearing No. __________ surveyed No.

________________ at ____________________

Details of Repairs/ Renovation






Therefore you are kindly requested to grant your permission. The attested copies of all the

required documents are enclosed herewith.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,








The Chief Officer,

Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council,

Curchorem Goa.

Sub: Issue of certified copy(ies) of plan/licence/occupancy Certificate etc.


You are kindly requested to issue certified copy(ies) of the following documents




Of the building/house approved under licence No. _____________ dated _________________,

in the name of Shri./ Smt. _____________________________.

The said copies are required for ________________________________________.


Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,


Note: For certified copies under right to Information act, same format can be used by adding the Words in the application under Right to Information Act.








The Chief Officer,

Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council,

Curchorem Goa.

Sub: Hire of Municipal Hall.

It is requested to kindly grant us permission to use the Municipal Hall on

_________________________ from ______________ to ______________ for the purpose of

holding ___________________________________________________


We have read terms and conditions for the use of Municipal Hall and shall abide by the same.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,


Terms and Conditions for use of Municipal Hall

1. No person using the hall shall affix any pamphlets/posters on the

walls/ pillars of the Municipal Building.

2. The Council shall not be responsible for the failure of electric

current/sound system during the course of use of the hall.

3. The Council shall not be responsible for providing any additional

chairs/benches in the hall.

4. The applicant shall be fully responsible for any damages caused to

the Municipal Hall during the period of his using the hall.

5. In case the booking is cancelled the part of the hire charges already

paid will be forfeited in favor of the Council as follows:-

a. If cancelled 7 days in advance of the date of meeting - 10%

b. Less than 7 days but at least 24 hours in advance of

the time of the meeting. - 50%

c. On the date fixed for meeting - 100%

You are requested to remit an amount of Rs. _________ ( Rupees ______________

________________ on or before in the Municipal Treasury towards the hire charges of the

Municipal Hall.

Yours faithfully,

Chief Officer.

Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council

Copy to:










The Chief Officer,

Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council,

Curchorem Goa.

Sub: Hire of Parking lot,Municipal Stage,Football Ground.

It is requested to kindly grant us permission to use the Parking lot/Municipal Stage/Football Ground on

_________________________ from ______________ to ______________ for the purpose of

holding ___________________________________________________


We have read terms and conditions for the use of Parking lot/Municipal Stage/Football Ground and shall abide by the same.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,


Terms and Conditions for use of of Parking lot/Municipal Stage/Football Ground

1. The sanctity of Parking lot/Municipal Stage/Football Ground should be preserved by

i. Not spitting, not urinating and not smoking on the above place since the place is of Public utility;

ii. Not inciting the public by speeches that lead to violence.

2. No religious rites of any kind shall be conducted during the programme.

i. Necessary permission, if any required to hold the meeting shall be obtained from the

competent authorities before holding the meeting.

3. To approach to the competent authorities to obtain permission for electric connection for lighting and for use of loudspeakers.

4. Person using the above place shall make their own arrangement of sitting.

5. The Chief Officer/The Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council reserves the right to cancel the permission granted for the use of above place at any time before the meeting is held, if the information furnished by the applicant is found false or there is any possibility of law and order problem in the vicinity.

Yours faithfully,

Chief Officer.

Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council

Copy to:








The Chief Officer,

Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council,

Curchorem Goa.

Sub: Request to issue of permission for ________________________________.

I the undersigned Shri/Smt.________________________________________________ resident

of the above address would like to bring to your notice that I desire to conduct the exhibition

cum sale of readymade garments utensils etc/ Circus/Religious ceremonies/etc. in the property

belonging to __________________

situated at ________________ admeasuring __________________________________ sq. mts.

In this connection, I am submitting the required documents.





I therefore kindly request you to issue me permission to erect a temporary pendal for a period of

_____________ days with effect from __________________to _______________ and carry out

the above mentioned business.

Thanking You.

Yours faithfully,



Format - 7


Form of Application for the grant of No Objection Certificate for Water Connection to House.


The Chief Officer,

Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council,

Curchorem – Goa.


Kindly grant me No Objection Certificate to get Water Connection to the house. The details are as


Applicant’s Particulars:

Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Father/Husband’s Name: ________________________________________________________

Full Address: _________________________________________________________________

Details of the House to which Water Connection is required:

a) House No. as per Municipal Assessment No. ____________________________

b) Ward No. __________________________________

c) Name of the Street, if any. _____________________

d) Name of Waddo/ Ward _______________________

Rough sketch of the location of the house, road, existing pipe line

if any and proposed pipeline to the house (to be attached) ______________________________

House tax payment receipt (to be attached) _________________________________________

NOC from the owner, if the house tax is not assessed in

the name of the applicant (to be attached) ___________________________________________

Yours faithfully,

(Signature of the applicant)

Date: ____/ ____/20___

Format - 8


Application for Obtaining No Objection Certificate for Getting Power Connection.


The Chief Officer,

Curchorem Cacora Municipal Council,

Curchorem– Goa.


1. Name of the Applicant: _______________________________________________________

2. Present Address: ____________________________________________________________

3. Name of the Street/plot/

ward No./house No.

for power connection. ____________________________________________________

4. No. & Date of Municipal Construction Licence: _____ ______________________________

5. Whether Connection is temporary/permanent:______________________________________

6. If temporary, period from _____________ to _____________________

7. I hereby enclose latest house tax receipt No. _______________ date ___________________

along with Notarised NOC from the owner ownership document ( In case of the applicant is other than owner)

(Signature of the applicant/

(Left hand thumb Impression)

Date: ____/ ____/20___





Section V Note 2 Building Bye-Law

Questionnaire to be filled in by the Architect / Engineer


1. Area of the plot :

2. Deduction for

a) Set Back Area :

b) Proposed road :

c) Any reservation :

TOTAL (a+b)

3. Net effective area of the plot (1-2) :

4. Covered area occupied by the existing building, if any :

5. Plot coverage of the existing building % :

6. Covered area of the existing building that is proposed to be demolished :

7. Plot coverage of the existing building that is proposed to be demolished :

8. Covered area occupied by the proposed building :

9. Plot coverage of the proposed building % :

10. Combined covered area of the existing building to be and that of the proposed building :

11. Combined plot coverage of the existing building to be and that of the proposed building FLOOR AREA:

12. Balcony area and covered area over footways floorwise and total on all floors :

13. Balcony area and covered over footways floorwise and total on all floors, consumed

for F.A.R. purpose :

14. Addition of set back area and/or proposed road for F.A.R. purpose :

15. Addition of garage area for F.A.R. purpose :

16. Floor area consumed on Ground Floor :

17. Floor area consumed on First Floor :

18. Floor area consumed on Second Floor :

19. Floor area consumed on Third Floor :

20. Floor area consumed on any other floor or floors and any other area consumed for F.A.R. purpose :

21. Existing floor Area to be maintained :

22. Total Floor Area consumed (13+14+15+16+17+18+19+20+21) :

23. Floor Area permissible :

24. F.A.R. permissible

25. F.A.R. consumed :

26. Mezannine Area :

27. Loft Area :

28. Basement Area :

29. Garage Area :

30. Type of zone to which the plot belongs to : SET BACKS:

31. Front set back from the centre line of the road :

32. Side set backs :

33. Rear set backs :

34. Height of the building :

35. Distance between two or more buildings on the same plot, is any :

36. Height of the plinth :

37. Use to which the building is to be put to floorwise :

38. Plot owned by with reference to the ownership certificate of land :

39. Reference number and date of approval of sub-division of land if the plot in question is part

40. Whether any under ground/overground/telephone/ electric/water supply sewerage conducts are affecting or crossing the plot in question. :

41. Whether the plot falls within the railway set back area :

42. Any other relevant information :

I hereby declare that the information furnished above is correct to the best of my knowledge.


Name: Name:

Reg. No. Address:

Address: Date:


Remarks ( For office use on




Name of Municipality/Village Panchayat ______________________________________

Particulars of construction proposed/ completed (For items 1 & 3 check the appropriate cell with)

1. Nature of Construction:

a) New Construction __________ b) Alteration and/or addition _________

to existing building

2. Place of Construction:

3. a) Residential Quarters:

i. Family Quarters: ________________________________

ii. Non- family dwelling places ( such as hotels, dormitories and lodging hotels

and clubs) ____________________________

b) Industrial buildings (factories, plants, workshop, etc.) ________________

c) Commercial buildings (shops, warehouses, offices, public garages etc.)


d) Institutional buildings (school, hospitals & dispensaries, religious buildings etc.)


e) Other buildings (public buildings, public libraries, amusements buildings etc.)


4. Total plinth area sq. mts. __________________________

5. Estimated/Actual cost of construction Rs. _____________________

6. Total floor area in all floors (including basement, if any _________________ sq.mts.

7. Number and type of dwelling units in the construction.

Number of dwelling units

New Construction Alteration and/or

additions to existing

buildings resulting in

dwelling units.

1 room units

2 room units

3 room units

4 or more room


(Particulars for the following items should be given while applying for ‘Occupancy Certficate


8. Number and date of issue of Authorization Certificate.

9. Date of commencement of construction :_____________________

10. Date of completion of construction : _________________

Date: _________________

( For Office use Only) _______________________

Signature of Applicant)

Name and Address :- ​​


1. This schedule duly filled in duplicate ( ie one copy in light red link and other is emerald green:) by the applicant owner(s) of the proposed construction or authorized agent/agents) should accompany the application for issue of authorization certificate as well as along with ‘completion notice’ for issue of Occupancy Certificate( also called fitness certificate).

2. New Construction means erection of an entirely new structure, whether the site on which it is built has before been occupied or not. Alterations to existing building relate to structural changes carried out within a building where as additions will mean enlargement of building by which floor area is added.

3. Type of construction Separate from should be used for each type of construction. Wherever a construction involves more than one type ( e.g. residential-cum-commercial building) the building should be classified to that type of construction which – C accounts for the largest floor area.

4. Plinth area means ground area covered by the building immediately above the plinth level.

5. Floor area also termed as carpet area, means inside useable roofed area.

6. In case of alteration and/or addition to existing building the plint area and floor area shown against items 4 and 6 respectively should relate to the area, if any, added by construction.

7. Dwelling unit: is defined as structural separate room or suite of rooms and its accessories ( viz kitchen, store, bath, latrine, etc.) if any, intended for habitation and having a separate access to a street of a common passage or stairways and facilities for cooking. While counting rooms in a dwelling unit, care should be taken to count only bed rooms, dining rooms and normal living rooms etc. (glazed verandah and store etc. should be excluded).

8. Number and type of dwelling units should be given for all residential buildings and also for other types of buildings in case any dwelling units have been constructed there.

9. Construction is commenced when the first physical operations are undertaken on the building site after the issue ‘Authorization Certificate’ e.g. site preparation, delivery of building materials and equipment on the site, start of excavations or the laying of foundation etc. Construction is completed when the building is physically ready to be occupied. Date of completion of construction will in general, be the same as the date of completion notice by the applicant.

10. The reference number of the application to be filled in by the office should be that number which facilitates any reference of the site, building, plans etc, of the construction proposed or completed.





Return for the year ending 31st March 200___

This statistical return is to be filled up in case of houses and buildings in Private Sector from towns having a population of 10,000 and above in the States / Union Territories.

Page 34

I. Town Identification ( to be filled by the civic body)

1. Name of the town : ____________________________

2. Civics status of the town : * code Codes * (Municipal Corporn. I, Municipality 2, Notified Area code Committee 3, Panchayat 4, Cantonment 5, Others 6)

3. Size of the town: ‡ code Codes ‡ ( Population 1,00,000 & above 1, between 50,000 * 99,999 2, code between 20,000 & 49,999 3, and between 10,000 & 19,999 4)

4. State/ Union Territory __________________________

II. Constructor Identification:

1. Name of the householder: ___________________________

Household size: No. of males : ___________ No. of Females : __________

2. Nature of employment : † code Codes †(Self employment 1, Private Sector 2, Public Sector 3, code Govt. service 4, and Others 5)

3. Gross monthly Income: Rs. ______________

4. Social group: § code Codes ( Scheduled caste 1, Scheduled tribe 2, Other backward code classes 3 and Others 4)

III. Basic Details Code:

1. Nature of construction : ** code code Codes ** ( New 1, addition/alteration 2 and repair & maintenance 3)

2. Types of construction: ‡‡code Codes ‡‡ ( Dwelings 1, Other residential buildings 2, Industrial build- code ings 3, Commercial buildings 4, Institutional buildings 5 and Others 6)

3. Number of storeys in the buildings ________________

4. Total plinth area of all the floors in the buildings ____________ sq. mts.

5. Number of dwelling units:

1 room unit 2 room units 3 room units 4 or more room units

6. Total floor area of all the floors in the buildings __________ sq. mts.

7. Estimated construction cost Rs. _________________

8. Source of finance : Savings /Loan

9. If loan, name of the agency I) ______________ II) ________________

Rate of Interest charges I) ______________ II) ________________

IV. Basic Amenities:

1. Number of living rooms Area of each of living rooms sq.mts. ___________ sq.mts. ___________ sq.mts. _______________ respectively

2. Kitchen Yes/No. If yes, area of the kitchen ________________ sq.mts.

3. Provision of Latrine facility Yes/No. If yea, type of latrine †† code code Codes †† (Dry 1, Septic 2, Flush 3 or Sulabh 4) If no, distance of latrine from the house £ code Codes £ ( Less than 10 mts 1, between 10 mts & 20 mts 2, between code 20 mts and 30 mts 3, above 30 mts 4)

4. Provision of Bathroom facility Yes/No If yes, type of bath ££ code code Codes ££ (Open 1 and Secluded 2) (Open includes Improvised/make shift arrangements)

If no, distance of code bathroom £££ code Codes £££ (Less than 10 mts 1, between 10 mts and 20 mts 2 code between 20 mts and 30 mts 3, and above 30 mts 4)

5. Provision of drinking water Yes/No If yes, then Indicate source of drinking water Ö code code Codes Ö (Tak or river 1, well 2, Tap 3, other specify 4)If tap water is supplied daily, duration of availability ÖÖ code Codes ÖÖ (Less than 3 hrs 1, between 3 and 6 hrs 2, over 6 hrs 3) code

6. Sewerage and drainage arrangement: Yes/ No

7. Garbage disposal arrangement. Yes/ No

8. Storage water tank Yes/ No If yes, overhead / underground

9. Provision of Lighting facility Yes/ No If yes, type of lighting @code code Codes @ (Kerosene 1, Oil lamp 2, Electricity 3, Others 4)

10. Open courtyard Yes/ No

11. Number of families sharing following facilities Facilities No. of families

i) Water __________________________

ii) Bathroom _________________________

iii) Latrine __________________________

12. In case of multistoreyed building

i) Parking arrangement Yes/ No

ii) Fire-fighting arrangement Yes/ No

V. Infrastructural facilities:

1. Distance of place of work: □ code Codes □ ( Less than 4 kms 1, between 4 and 10 kms               2, between 10 and code\ 20 kms, 3 and over 20 kms 4)

2. Type of transport used : ●code Codes ● ( Walk 1, Bicycle 2, Scooter/motor cycle 3, Car 4 and Public code transport 5) ( Code may be of two digits in case of using more than one

mode of transport)

3. Width of the approach road: ____________ mts.

4. Its distance from the building: $ code Codes $ (Less than 50 mts 1, between 50 and 100 mts 2, between code 100 and 150 mts. 3 and above 150 mts 4)

5. Distance of Primary school: ∆ code Codes ∆ (Less than ½ km 1, between ½ and 1 km 2, between code 1 and 2 kms 3 and above 2 kms 4)

6. Distance of secondary school: ∇∇ code Codes ∇∇ (Less than 1 km 1, between 1 and 2 km 2, between code 2 and 3 kms 3 and above 3 kms 4)

7. Distance of post office: ™™ code Codes ™™ (Less than 1 km 1, between 1 and 2 km 2, between code 2 and 3 kms 3 and above 3 kms 4)

8. Distance of bank: code Codes ∇∇ (Less than 1 km 1, between 1 and 2 km 2, between code 2 and 3 kms 3 and above 3 kms 4)

9. Distance of market code ______ select from A

10. Distance of college code ______ select from A

11. Distance of police station/police chauki code ______ select from A

12. Distance of hospital/health centre/dispensary code ______ select from A

13. Distance of fire station code ______ select from A

14. Distance of railway station code ______ select from A

15. Diatance of ISBT code ______ select from A

16. Distance of port code ______ select from A

17. Duistance of community centre code ______ select from A

18. Distance of library code ______ select from A

19. Distance of cinema code ______ select from A Code A (Less than 1 km 1, between 1 km and 3 kms 2, between 3 kms and 5 kms 3, above 5 kms 4)



Cost of Construction of building/ Schedule of Fess

(a) Cost of Construction Category Cost of construction / SCM

i) Multi …….. Rs. 4200/M2

ii) Bungalow Rs. 4620/M2

iii) Load Bearing structures Rs. 3780/M2

(b) Fees

1. For registration of structural designer Rs. 300/- per annum

or civil Engineer

1.1. For Registration of Architect

2. For approval of proposal for construction of building :

a) For building of estimated cost upto ½ % of the estimated cost of the Rs. 15 lakhs. building subject to minimum of Rs. 500/-

b) For buildings of estimated const above 1% of estimated cost building Rs. 15 lakks.

3. For approval of proposal 1% of estimated cost of compound wall Construction of compound wall subject to minimum of Rs. 100/-

4. For approval of proposal for 1% of estimated cost of well subject to construction of well minimum of Rs. 100/-

5. For approval of RCC designs and drawings of building ½ % of the estimated cost of the building subject t minimum of Rs. 250/- (to be

levied only at the first unless there is change in the design and drawings of the RCC structure of the buildings).

6. For approval of internal changes or modifications of existing building;

a) For building upto estimated cost of Rs. 10 lakhs Rs.500/-

b) For Buildings above estimated cost of Rs. 10 lakhs Rs. 1000/-

7. For approval of repairs and other known specified works ½ % of estimated cost of such repairs of works subject t a minimum of Rs. 150/-

8. For regularization of illegal construction constructed without licence and which is otherwise regularizable 1% of estimated cost of construction actually carried out PLUS usual applicable fees for the concerned item of work.

9. For approval of internal changes or modifications of buildings which is constructed under valid licence and which are otherwise regularizable. Same as item 6.

10. For renewal of licence when such renewal is sough before the date of expiry of the licence.

1. For the first two renewals

2. For subsequent renewals 20% of the fees prescribed herein for the concerned item of work for each renewal. 25% of the fees prescribed herein for the concerned item of work for every subsequent renewal

11. For revalidation of licence after the date of expiry of licence Double the rates mentioned in item No.10.

12 For erection of temporary structure Rs. 1,000/ upto 50 sq. mts. with toilet facilities.

13. For authentication of documents. Rs. 5/- per sheet.

14. For extraction of true copies of plan Rs. 150/- per sheet

15. For any other non specified licence / permission Rs. 50/- 

Goa Municipalities Act, 1968

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